The Teaser for Season 2 of The Crown Promises More Royal Drama

The Crown Season 2 teaser (VIDEO).


Still taken from the trailer

Netflix’s sumptuous period drama, The Crown, is returning for Season 2, and a new teaser promises just as much drama as in the first season. Claire Foy and Matt Smith reprise their roles as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, respectively, and the show picks up in 1956, covering the Suez Crisis, which saw the U.K. invade Egypt, straight through to the scandal that forced Prime Minister Harold Macmillan to resign in 1963.

The teaser also offers brief peeks at some of the show’s new cast members, including Matthew Goode as Antony Armstrong-Jones, the society photographer who ultimately married Princess Margaret, and Michael C. Hall as John F. Kennedy.

The new season of The Crown premieres on Netflix on Dec. 8.

Marissa Martinelli is a Slate editorial assistant.



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